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Q: My Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) application was denied. What should I do now?

A: A denied claim doesn't necessarily mean that your disability isn't real, or that your disability isn't serious enough to qualify you for SSDI benefits. Before you lose hope, talk to a Social Security Disability lawyer about your options for seeking an appeal. Many claims that have initially been denied are approved during the appeals process.

Free consultation: The law firm of McAliney & McAliney, PC, offers a no-cost consultation to evaluate your case and determine if pursuing an appeal is appropriate. Please call us or complete this online contact form to schedule a time to meet at our Pittston or Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, law offices.

Do Not Delay: You Have Only 60 Days To File An Appeal

There is good reason to act promptly when pursuing an appeal of a denied Social Security Disability claim. Once you receive a letter of denial, you have only 60 days in which to file an appeal. Talk to an SSDI lawyer as soon as you receive your denial letter.

Our lawyers can immediately step in and help you prepare your appeal. We have significant experience at the various stages of appeal.

About our fees: In SSD cases, you don't have to pay a dime if we don't recover money on your behalf.

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