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Pittston SSDI claim information

The Social Security Administration offers individuals opportunities to apply for certain benefits that can help them financially make ends meet when they are unable to work. One of the benefits programs that Pittson residents may wish to learn more about is Social Security Disability Insurance, which is often shortened to SSDI.

When a person applies for SSDI benefits, there are qualifications that must be demonstrated. Examples of conditions that applicants must meet may include, but are not limited to, prior employment with an entity that paid into Social Security, a Social Security Administration recognized disability, and the inability to work for at least one-year due to the applicant's disability. Proving one's qualifying disability and inability to work often falls upon medical records and evidence to support the applicant's claim of needing SSDI to meet his or her financial needs.

Are drunk driving accidents really that common?

It seems as though many Pittston residents know someone who has been deeply affected by a drunk driving auto accident. Perhaps the victim of the incident was a family member or a friend, or perhaps the resident himself was the one harmed in a collision with a driver who had been drinking. It is sad to say that despite the many anti-drinking and driving campaigns that have circulated through the media, too many people are hurt and killed in these preventable incidents every year.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 28 Americans die every single day from the injuries they sustain in drunk driving crashes. This upsetting statistic breaks down to one person in the country dying every 51 minutes, and around 13,000 people perishing from this cause every year.

Your family members may qualify for disability benefits

Disability benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance can be critically important to individuals who are unable to work because of their permanent or long-term illnesses or injuries. However, Pittston residents who have had to take time away from work to heal from ailments know that they are not the only ones harmed by being away from their jobs. Their spouses and dependents also suffer when the disabled individuals are unable to keep gainful employment.

Because illnesses and injuries can harm families, the Social Security Administration allows certain members of a disabled person's family to receive disability benefits as well. A person's spouse, ex-spouse and children may qualify for benefits if the initial recipient qualifies for benefits, but each party who seeks to receive disability benefits under the original applicant's grant must apply on his or her own.

Road debris causing more accidents in recent years

Pennsylvania drivers who use the interstates are familiar with seeing debris along the roadway. Chunks of tires, pieces of furniture and car parts are not only unsightly, they are hazardous. In fact, you may know first-hand how dangerous that debris can be if you suffered injuries in an accident due to someone's trash on the road.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently released a startling report detailing the increase in accidents caused by debris on the highway. More than 500 people died in such accidents over the past few years, and 39,000 suffered injuries. This is an increase of 40 percent since 2001. If you were among those injured, you may be feeling anger and frustration along with your pain.

What records will I need to prove my car accident damages?

It is important for readers of this Pittston personal injury legal blog to know that the types of damages a car accident victim may pursue will be directly related to the circumstances of the accident that has occurred. Not all victims of vehicle accidents suffer the same medical problems or property losses; as such, each victim should consider discussing with an attorney the damages that may best fit his or her claims and the documentation they may need to support them.

However, many car accident victims suffer harm to their bodies when they are subjected to the damaging forces of vehicle crashes. Victims can endure damage to practically any body part, from concussions and other serious brain injuries to broken bones and organ damage. Even car accidents that allow their victims to walk away from them may result in victims suffering whiplash, neck strain, or other less serious health ailments.

Understand requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance

It can be terrifying for a Pittston resident to suffer an injury or illness that prevents him or her from going back to work. Depending upon the nature of the condition, and how and where it was incurred, the individual may be able to seek workers' compensation from an employer, or may need to look into different options for longer term help. If a person's ailment will last for more than a year, and if otherwise qualified he or she may be able to apply for Social Security disability insurance.

Social Security disability benefits are available to individuals who have worked in jobs that are covered by Social Security. For the years that they worked, they may have noticed that sums from their paychecks were removed for Social Security; although many believe that these deductions are only for the retirement benefits they one day hope to receive, withdrawals of this nature may also be used to provide ailing workers with disability benefits, if they qualify.

Helping you take action after an automobile collision

Negligence can enter our lives at any point. Unfortunately, this can occur while we are traveling on the roadways. Even though specific rules and regulations have been passed to increase road safety, some drivers fail to uphold their obligations. This can come in many forms, including distractions, speeding, drowsy drivers and intoxication. When a driver fails to uphold his or her duty to drive safely, this could result in a serious, or even fatal, collision. And, those harmed by such a tragic incident may have legal recourse against a negligent driver.

At McAliney & McAliney, PC, we understand the devastation that can follow a motor vehicle crash. Because no one expects to be involved in a car accident, victims are not prepared for what could follow the crash. It can be a physically and emotionally painful experience, and our law firm is dedicated to serving residents in the Pittston area.

Several injuries reported in multi-vehicle collision

Just as the term denotes, accidents usually involve those who are not prepared for them, and in most cases, they are shocking events that can greatly impact the lives of victims. While some accidents cannot be explained, others are the result of negligence or recklessness. When it comes to automobile collisions, a crash could occur due to distractions, speeding, intoxication or other negligent acts. Even the safest driver cannot always evade the actions of a negligent driver. However, there are ways to hold these drivers accountable for their negligent behavior, especially if injuries and damages follow a crash.

According to recent reports, a multi-vehicle collision in a construction zone has resulted in a stretch of Interstate 80 west closing down temporarily. This closure was done to help with accident reconstruction and the repair of the road. Authorities in Pennsylvania reported that the crash occurred between the White Haven exit and Mountain Top exit around 9:30 a.m.

Trucks on the roads also pose special dangers

Every day, when you hop in your car, get behind the wheel and enter the roads, you expose yourself to potential dangers. Many dangers you are well aware of. There may be construction on a highway near your home, or nasty weather might cause ponding on the road or the potential for downed trees or powerlines. These are obvious dangers, and things that you often are looking out for while on the roads.

But many Americans, including those from the Pittston, Pennsylvania area, may take trucks on the road for granted. Trucks, unlike traditional passenger cars, have specific inherent dangers not found on normal cars. For one thing, they are typically much, much larger, and heavier than traditional cars. This means that not only do they take more space and time to accelerate, but it is more difficult for them to stop or slow down. The basic rules of physics also tell us that trucks are far less agile than cars; it takes them longer to swerve or change lanes to avoid a potential hazard or accident.

Be mindful of motorcycles on the roads

The weather is warming up; summer is nearly here. With the warmer and nicer weather, whether it is in or near the Pittston, Pennsylvania area, across the state or across the nation, the warmer weather inevitably brings an increase of motorcycles on the road.

As you might expect, motorcycles pose very unique risks to motorists on the roads. The dangers are present for both sides. Motorcycles with their smaller size and increased agility over cars or trucks, are often harder to see. In addition, they can accelerate faster than standard cars, meaning that one could approach or reach other vehicles on the roads faster than people can anticipate.