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Workplace injuries happen in every industry

When we think about workplace injuries, usually our first thought is of a job in what would be considered a high-risk industry. However, more injuries than are realized happen in sedentary jobs as well. Employees file workers' compensation claims in industries across the board.

Workplace injury accidents can range from something as simple as a cut on the finger to something as severe as permanent disability. Let's talk about some industry specific accidents, and have a look at some jobs commonly considered to be hazardous, versus those that you might not even know are eligible for a workers' compensation claim.

What respiratory disorders qualify for SSD?

If you were to ask 10 people if a certain illness qualifies a person for Social Security Disability, you could get multiple different answers. To help with this, the Social Security Administration created what is known as the "blue book" for professionals. It offers a complete listing and description of every disorder that they consider a qualification for the payment of SSD benefits. Here is a brief overview of the adult respiratory disorders that made the list, and how you can apply for SSD benefits if you are suffering from one or more of them.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, better known as COPD, is one of the respiratory disorders listed. This consists of a combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Some others include pulmonary fibrosis, pneumoconiosis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and bronchiectasis. Also considered and evaluated under these listings are respiratory cancers, respiratory failure, and lung transplant, as well as the effects of neuromuscular and autoimmune disorders on the respiratory system.

Woman killed in chain-reaction truck crash

A motor vehicle accident can be over in a moment, but its effects can linger on for the injured for the rest of their lives. In cases of fatal accidents, the effects can haunt the victim's family members in many ways.

Recently, a four-vehicle crash on a Pennsylvania turnpike changed the lives of one family forever. According to news reports, a 61-year-old woman was killed when her car was struck in a chain-reaction crash. According to police, the accident occurred when a truck driver behind the wheel of a semitrailer truck failed to decrease speed as he approached a 10mph work zone lane closure. The truck hit the rear of a passenger car, which was pushed into another car, which was, in turn, pushed into a fourth vehicle.

What are repetitive stress injuries?

A repetitive stress injury, also called a repetitive motion injury, occurs when a part of the human body is used in a consistent motion and microscopic tears begin to develop in the individual's tissue. When the tears begin to develop faster than the individual's body is able to heal them the individual may begin to feel pain at the site of the tears. The discomfort of a repetitive stress injury can be debilitating and for some Pittston residents these medical problems can develop from the work they perform for their jobs.

Repetitive stress injuries often fall into two categories - tendonitis and bursitis. Tendonitis affects the connective tissue that holds bones to muscles and can cause this tissue to become inflamed and painful. Bursitis involves the inflammation of bursa sacs in a person's body; bursa sacs cushion areas of friction between tendons and bones.

Requirements for SSDI can be strict

An illness or injury can prevent people from holding down a job and bringing home the paychecks they need to meet their financial requirements. While some ailments may only keep a person away from work for a few days or weeks, others are so long-term that they may prevent a person from maintaining any form of regular employment. When an illness or injury is so severe that a person cannot work they may qualify for disability benefits and insurance through the Social Security Administration.

However, in order to qualify for these financial benefits an applicant must meet several criteria that relate to Social Security's definition of disabled. First, a review of an applicant's condition will consider if the applicant is able to work. If they are and their income is over the monthly threshold they will likely not qualify as being disabled.

It may not be carpal tunnel syndrome causing your pain

If you chose to work in an industry where computer work takes up the majority of your time, you may not feel as though you are at risk for an on-the-job injury. In reality, because of the work you do, it may be more surprising if you don't suffer an injury.

After working on a computer all day, you may experience numbness or tingling in your fingers and pain in your hand and forearm. Your first thought may be that you have carpal tunnel syndrome, but it could actually be cubital tunnel syndrome, which tends to mimic the symptoms associated with its more well-known repetitive motion counterpart.

We represent victims of motor vehicle accidents

You've been in a car accident. Now what do you do? If you are injured the first step that should be taken is to seek medical assistance for any injuries that may have resulted from the crash or that may have been aggravated by your involvement in the vehicle collision. Next, it can be incredibly helpful for many Pittston vehicle accident victims to consult with personal injury attorneys who understand the law surrounding negligence on the roads.

As the victim of a car accident or crash you may have the right to seek damages for the losses you sustained in the ordeal. Your medical bills, emergency service costs, lost wages and other expenses may be compensable depending upon the facts of the case and how liability is determined. And although it is not possible to predict a verdict in a civil personal injury case it can be of great benefit to accident victims to secure the services of personal injury attorneys to support them in their legal pursuits.

Is it possible to suffer a brain injury from a vehicle accident?

Brain injuries can result from a variety of causes, including automobile collisions. Pennsylvania residents who believe that they may have suffered injuries to their brains and other parts of their bodies are encouraged to seek medical treatment for their ailments in the wake of the accidents to prevent further harm, and to document their conditions for future legal claims. Brain injuries can serve as the bases for personal injury claims for victims of car accidents.

When a person is involved in a vehicle accident, he or she may suffer a closed head injury. For example, if the victim's head hits the steering wheel or dashboard after being rear-ended, the impact of the head into a stationary part of the vehicle may result in an injury to the victim's brain. Should a piece of the wreckage strike the victim's head and penetrate through the skin and skull, the victim may suffer an open head injury. Open and closed head injuries both can involve brain injuries.

Statutes of limitation may preclude workers' compensation claim

An unfortunate number of Pennsylvanians are hurt and made sick while performing the duties of their employment each and every year. Many individuals who are harmed by workplace accidents and hazards are able to receive compensation through their employers to allow them to stay financially afloat as they weather the challenges of their recoveries. The financial support they receive can come from workers' compensation, and if workers fails to file for such support they may lose the option if the statute of limitations runs.

In Pennsylvania, there are several parts to the applicable statute of limitations for workers' compensation claims. For example, for injuries incurred at work a worker has three years from the date of injury to file a claim. If a worker acquires a work-related illness they have 300 weeks to file a claim from the date of their last exposure to the offending hazard. If a worker's benefits stop, they have three years to seek reinstatement of those benefits.

The unseen damages from an accident can have a very real effect

A Pennsylvania car accident can change your life in many ways, and not all of these ways are readily apparent. Some of the most significant effects of a car accident are not from physical injuries or damage to your personal property, but from the emotional losses and mental anguish you suffered. 

The unseen impact of a car accident is very real, and you may be able to claim compensation for it. You may have a rightful claim to financial damages for the pain and suffering you experienced, but it is not always easy to actually obtain it. You may find it beneficial to learn how you can fight for the appropriate amount of compensation you deserve after an accident.