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Requirements for SSDI can be strict

An illness or injury can prevent people from holding down a job and bringing home the paychecks they need to meet their financial requirements. While some ailments may only keep a person away from work for a few days or weeks, others are so long-term that they may prevent a person from maintaining any form of regular employment. When an illness or injury is so severe that a person cannot work they may qualify for disability benefits and insurance through the Social Security Administration.

SSDI appeals may take more than a year to complete

The inability of Pittston residents to work due to a disability can be a serious impediment to their chances of providing for themselves. As this legal blog has previously discussed, individuals with disabilities can, in certain circumstances, apply for income and disability benefits assistance from the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, though, a recent news story highlighted the lengthy wait many disabled Americans may experience if their applications are denied.

Pittston SSDI claim information

The Social Security Administration offers individuals opportunities to apply for certain benefits that can help them financially make ends meet when they are unable to work. One of the benefits programs that Pittson residents may wish to learn more about is Social Security Disability Insurance, which is often shortened to SSDI.

Your family members may qualify for disability benefits

Disability benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance can be critically important to individuals who are unable to work because of their permanent or long-term illnesses or injuries. However, Pittston residents who have had to take time away from work to heal from ailments know that they are not the only ones harmed by being away from their jobs. Their spouses and dependents also suffer when the disabled individuals are unable to keep gainful employment.

Understand requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance

It can be terrifying for a Pittston resident to suffer an injury or illness that prevents him or her from going back to work. Depending upon the nature of the condition, and how and where it was incurred, the individual may be able to seek workers' compensation from an employer, or may need to look into different options for longer term help. If a person's ailment will last for more than a year, and if otherwise qualified he or she may be able to apply for Social Security disability insurance.

Mental Conditions qualify for Social Security Disability as well

When Americans think of a disability, many Americans, including those from Pennsylvania, may think of a a severe injury like a spine or neck injury, or a serious illness such as cancer or heart disease. But millions of Americans also suffer from a mental condition, such as depression, that can be just as debilitating.

New administration hints at Social Security change

Changes may be coming to the Social Security Administration's budget, and the changes may affect those with disabilities. While there has always been much uncertainty as to how the Trump administration would affect various departments in the United States federal government, we had been led to believe, based on campaign promises, that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security would not be affected.

About the Social Security Disability Insurance appeals process

The application process for Social Security Disability Insurance appears to be a long and daunting process for many Americans, including those from Pennsylvania. The application requires a person to prove several things about their disability, whether it is a serious injury, illness or mental condition.

Social Security disability appeals options can help applicants

Having a claim for Social Security disability benefits denied is not the end of the process. It also does not mean that the applicant does not suffer from a disability or that it is not severe enough for them to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Being denied Social Security disability benefits can be upsetting. Most initial applications for benefits are denied but it is important to keep in mind that there is an extensive appeals process.

New rules may make disability benefits tougher to obtain

Social Security disability benefits can be difficult to obtain under the best of circumstances which makes it important for disabled individuals to thoroughly understand the process of applying for benefits. New rules recently went into effect that may make it even more challenging for disabled individuals to obtain the Social Security disability (SSD) benefits they badly need.